Bitcoin Escrow

An implementation of the Bitcoin Escrow proposal.

If you're looking for Two-Factor Bitcoins (BIP38), checkout

Starting an escrow transaction is easy; click the "Generate Escrow Invitations" button.

Once the two codes are generated, give one to the Payee and one to the Payer.

Do not give either party both of the escrow invitation codes unless you are resolving a dispute/forcing the release of coins.

Enter your escrow invitiation code below.

Send the resulting address and payment invitiation code to the Payer.

Do not send the Payer your escrow invitiation code until the transaction is complete and the coins are ready to be released.
Optional: send the Address & Payment Confirmation code to your escrow agent for verification.

Enter your escrow invitiations and the payment confirmation code below.

Enter your escrow invitiation and payment invitation codes below.

If the address and payment invitiation code you were given matches your escrow invitiation code, you can send the coins to the address.

Do not send coins to an address that does not belong to your escrow transaction!

Enter both escrow invitiation codes and the payment invitation code below to receive the private key in the Wallet Import Format.

The test suite does take some time to complete so please be patient.